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EOSIO 2019 Year Wrap Up


It’s the beginning of a new decade, 2020, and with this article we’ve wrapped up all the major news and major accomplishments in EOSIO from 2019!

We believe the “year wrap up series” help us quantify the many achievements in the ecosystem. Without further due let’s go down on memory lane starting from January 2019:



The Referendum System is Live!

January 11

Today more than 16 BPs have approved the Referendum System and the first complex referendum proposal is live! "Should EOS tokens sent to eosio.ramfee and eosio.names accounts in the future be allocated to REX?"


BOS (Business Operating System) has finally launched their mainnet!

January 17

The BOS Network is the newest addition to the EOSIO sidechain ecosystem. $BOS is committed to build an ecosystem that supports more DApps by providing a user-friendly infrastructure for DApp operations.


Mythical Games, Scatter and EOS Lynx team up for dGoods, Standard for virtual items on EOS

January 24

Mythical Games, Scatter and EOS Lynx team up for dGoods, Standard for virtual items on EOS


LiquidEOS introduces LiquidApps - a platform that scales EOS!

January 24

LiquidEOS one of the top Block Producers in the EOS mainnet and team behind Bancor introduce LiquidApps.


Block.One Social Media DApp and DEX names may have been revealed

January 27

Block.One Social Media DApp and DEX names may have been discovered as Block.one registered the trademarks. Apparently the Block.one Social Media will be named MEOS, while the Decentralized Exchange will be EOSX.




Over 2,000 EOS users regained access to their account!

February 12

Through their unregistered tokens process, EOS Authority and EOS Argentina successfully helped over 2,000 people to regain their EOS tokens. The project will soon be upgraded and improved further.


Rewriting the "regproducer" contract

February 14

The EOS42 team shared a new regproducer contract proposal. The intent of the regproducer is to register an account as a BP candidate, the EOS account needs to approve the regproducer agreement prior to becoming a BP. In the article EOS42 addresses some of the issues with the current agreement and try to propose a new solution.


MeetOne sidechain launch

February 14

The MeetOne sidechain will soon be launched. Along with the launch of the network, every EOS mainnet accounts will have the right to receive the MEETONE airdrop.


pEOS airdrop snapshot completed

February 18

The 15th of February, pEOS completed the snapshot for their airdrop to all EOS holders. pEOS is the first EOS based token with the Monero protocol implemented in its smart contract, making it the first privacy EOS token.


Over 50% of EOS dApps are used everyday

February 21

According to a research published on LongHash, almost 55% of EOS dApps are used every day compared to just 10% of ETH dApps.


Effect.AI is moving from NEO to EOS

February 21

Effect.AI, NEO’s most used dApp, is migrating to the EOS blockchain! According to the company, this will happen in late April 2019.


The DAPP Network is now Live on EOS!

February 26


The LiquidApps team already launched the DAPP Network! Along with the announcement they shared an in-depth explanation of the whole network on their lates Medium article.




Block.one plans to annualize their products release in June

March 4

Brendan Blumer just releaved on twitter that Block.one is planning an annual products release cycle that should happen on June.


EOSTORCH project

March 5

The EOS Community has minted a non-divisible 1 TORCH token under the 'passthethorch' contract. The TORCH has already been passed 34 times during the last 3 days.


ITAM STORE, new trailer released by ITAM Games

March 7

ITAM Games released a new trailer about their soon to be released gaming platform on EOS, the ITAM STORE. Through the ITAM STORE it will be possible to play an innumerable amount of games developed directly by ITAM Games.


Dan sending more ambiguous clues on Telegram

March 10

"🐝👆🏻🌧🔥🤐" What does Dan want to tell us with these emojis? What's your predictions?


Sense.Chat — The First Provably Secure Messenger App

March 14


The Sense.Chat app is finally available for iOS and Android. Sense.Chat is a messaging app that allows you to safely chat and transact with your contacts. Their Encryption Protocol is combined with the EOS Blockchain to deliver messages with no central server and no SMS fees.




PredIQt: The First Prediction Market Built Using EOSIO Technology

April 1

The Everipedia team announced their second dApps of the IQ Network: PredIQt. PredIQt is the first prediction market built on EOSIO, through PredIQt any EOS user can create a market, or trade shares of it, on any future event.


Introducing EOSIO Labs™: A Place for Open Innovation

April 3

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Block.One announced the EOSIO Labs initiative, through which Block.One's innovations and discoveries will be shared with all developers. In this way, the community will be free to get their hands on these open source repositories and release their own products. Block.one’s continued contributions and involvement will depend on wider community adoption of such projects.


EOS sets record of 87M+ actions processed in 1 day!

April 7


"#eos recently set a record of over 70m actions processed in one day. An average of over 810 actions per second. Our team is making great strides in further optimization and scaling. #B1JUNE"


The EOS User Agreement has been approved

April 12

The EOS User Agreement was approved by 15/21 active Block Producers. From this moment on, the old constitution can be considered replaced by the EUA proposed by EOS New York.


REX testing complete, first stage proposed on-chain

April 17

The EOS Authority team recently completed the testing for the Resource Exchange (REX). Besides testing REX on internal machines and Testnets (like Jungle, BOS TestNet, etc) they also covered tests on the initialization parameters described by Block.one and they all work as expected.


Equilibrium framework and EOSDT, the world’s first decentralized EOS-based stablecoin

April 21

Recently the Equilibrium infrastracture and EOSDT has been announced. Equilibrium is a feature-rich framework of smart contracts that generate the EOSDT stablecoin.




REX is live! Lend your EOS now

May 1


The final step for REX deployment has been approved! There are already many REX interfaces which supports Scatter, Ledger and many other wallets.


Everything EOS Developer Course is now available for free

May 3

The EverythingEOS team released their first EOSIO Developer Course. The course will teach its students how to build a web game that's connected to the blockchain by following the official Elemental Battles tutorial.


The mainnet 34m EOS accumulated 4% inflation is officially burned!

May 8


The retiresaving was approved by 15 active BPs and it successfully got executed. Exactly 34,171,037.4625 EOS are officially burned from the eosio.saving account.


Eva is officially launching its activities in Montreal

May 14

The start of Eva's operations have been recently announced. Eva is a cooperative ride-sharing application based on the EOS blockchain.


EOSIO Labs™ Release: The EOSIO™ Explorer

May 21

Block.One announced a new released for EOSIO Labs: EOSIO Explorer. EOSIO Explorer is a new web-based graphical user interface to improve the developer experience of interacting and monitoring EOSIO-based applications and networks in development.


Block.One purchased 3.3M EOS worth of RAM

May 27


After having unstaked their first vested EOS, for a total of 9.8M tokens, today Block.One purchased 3.3M EOS worth of RAM. At the current price of $7.59, this is about $25M of RAM which fees will go directly into the REX pool.


Block.One iOS wallet app code released

May 29

Block.One released the first version of their B1 iOS wallet app. The code is open source and freely accessible on Github, any developer can take the code and release the app on the Apple Store.




Finally B1 June

June 1

The B1 June has finally arrived, where Block.One has revealed some fantastic news: eosio2, EOSVM, WebAuthn on EOSIO and Voice.com


Block.one Introduces “Voice” to Bring Alignment and Transparency to Social Media

June 1


"Block.one today announced Voice, a blockchain-based social media application designed with users of the platform in mind. Voice is a more transparent social media platform for the world, where the value of good content gets circulated right back into sustaining the community, not corporate bottom lines."


EOSIO Labs™ Release: WebAuthn Example Web App for EOSIO YubiKey Support

June 8

After the EOSIO 2 updates announced at B1June, Block.One released a a WebAuthn Example App to demonstrate how they intend to implement WebAuthn support for EOSIO.


Happy Birthday EOS!

June 14


"Exactly one year ago, the EOS mainnet was first launched, today we can affirm that it was a very well performed start. Happy birthday EOS! Many thanks to all of you who made it possible to build the most scalable blockchain ever and to all of you who use it every day!"


EOSIO™ v1.8.0: Stable Release is now available. Voice release is getting closer

June 29

Block.One recently announced the new stable released of EOSIO v1.8.0. This release marks major enhancements for EOSIO paving the way for a more secure and scalable future for EOSIO based blockchains.




EOSIO™ Strategic Vision: Scaling the EOSIO Platform

July 14

Every week the block.one team provides us with a new article, to stay in touch with the community and inform us about their latest updates. In their new article they explained the details of their Strategic Vision, particularly how they plan to maximize efficiency while the EOSIO software gets more scalable.


eosfinex is finally live! EOS/USDt pair is now available

July 29


The eosfinex team finally launched their trading platform built on EOSIO. This is the first fully on-chain exchange that combines the scalability and speed of EOS with Bitfinex’s industry-leading expertise.



LiquidLink Bridges EOS and Ethereum, Making Cross-Chain dApps a Reality

August 8

The latter LiquidApps' product, LiquidLink is having more and more press exposure. Recently uToday published an article discussing how LiquidLink will bridge EOS and Ethereal, making cross-chain dApps a reality.


Dan Larimer’s Patented Secure Digital Identity

August 17


Zack from EverythingEOS recently discovered the latest patented digital identity solution by Dan Larimer. This ID patent is based over a proof of co-location: users to consolidate their identity will have to photograph themselves with their friends in the same location and upload the picture on the blockchain.




EOSIO™ History Tools: Scaling Access to Blockchain History Data

September 4

Block.One recently released introduced a new alpha support for a new and more robust blockchain history tool based on RocksDB instead of postgresql. RocksDB is an embeddable persistent key-value store for fast storage and it is optimized for fast, low latency storage.


Ideas that might fix EOS Governance

September 5


We just published our latest article: Ideas that might fix EOS Governance. One of the most heated topics in the community lately is about how EOS governance and voting system can be changed and improved. In this article we present some of the most interesting ideas shared by EOS community members in the last few weeks.


2020 United States Parallel Presidential Election on EOSIO

September 11


According to their latest tweet, FollowMyVote is considering to launch a United States Parallel Presidential Election in November 2020 on EOSIO. Their team worked directly with Daniel Larimer to design a patent for a Blockchain electronic voting system.


EOS Gambling dApp EOSPlay attacked! 30,000 EOS were stolen.

September 14

In the last 24 hours the gambling dApp EOSPlay has been attacked by some EOS accounts that have managed to exploit a weakness on the smart contract to steal approximately 30,000 EOS. The EOS network worked perfectly as it should have!


Block.One invest $10 million to establish new U.S headquarters

September 24


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam recently announced the latest investment of Block.One. Apparently they will invest $10 million and establish its U.S. headquarters in Arlington County, which will create 170 new jobs over a period of three years.




EOS Network Congestion by DDoS Analysis

October 1

This article describes EOS congestion from attacker's point of view and provides real examples of what can be done, how much it will cost, what the consequences will be and how exactly it will hurt the UX.


SEC waiver for Block.One, EOS is officially not a security, VOICE is coming?

October 1


The SEC recently granted a waiver for Block.One regarding the EOS ERC-20 tokens ICO. With this waiver, it is now certain that EOS is not a security, while Block.One will only need to pay a $24 million fine. Block.One is now definitely ready to bring adoption and innovation in the blockchain space, we can't wait to see VOICE deployed!


Remove Free Surplus Bandwidth to solve Network Congestion

October 5

Less than a week ago, we at EOS Go in collaboration with the security engineer Dexaran, published an analysis of some stress tests performed on the EOS mainnet. The analysis showed that with a minimum amount of EOS it is possible for an attacker to send the network in congestion state. Additional resources stress tests led Block.One to consider and propose a solution.


EOSIO 2 Release-Candidate Released by Block.One

October 8


At the B1 June event, that took place in Washington D.C. on June 1 of this year, Block.One had already announced the arrival of the newest version of EOSIO: eosio 2. In about four months from the announcement, they just released its first release-candidate that brings numerous improvements to the software, both in terms of performance and security.


EOS New York releases new proposal for the EOS governance

October 15

Recently, the EOS New York team, in collaboration with other members of the community, published their proposal to solve the disalignments of incentives of block producers that threaten the EOS governance.


Dan Larimer's EOS Governance Proposal

October 16


After EOS New York presented its proposal to improve the EOS governance, Dan Larimer also made himself heard by publishing his own proposal on Medium.




EOS into congestion, REX is the largest DeFi project?

November 2

In the last 24 hours we have seen a huge reduction in the resources available on the EOS mainnet. This is because the network has entered its congestion state, and users can only use the resources to which they are entitled in proportion to the EOS tokens they staked. This time, however, there is no stress test, but it is a particular new token distribution that is causing a huge resource consumption.


More and more dApps are providing free resources

November 8


Given the drastic increase in the amount of transactions made in the EOS mainnet, the cost of transactions has soared. For this reason, regular users with a few EOS staked are no longer able to carry out all the transactions they previously carried out, unless they are able to purchase resources from REX. However, dApps are starting to adapt, providing free resources for their users...


Block.One will take part on EOS Governance and voting

November 13

Block.One has finally announced that it will take an active part in the discussion of the EOS governance and that it will start voting for Block Producers. B1 with its 90M EOS tokens in stake, would hold about 21% of the total votes cast to BPs on the mainnet and aims to use them to ensure that the EOS mainnet remains as healthy and revolutionary as ever.


EOSIO chains outperform all other blockchains

November 14


As we can see from Blocktivity, the EOSIO chains lead the ranking in terms of Blockchain Activity: EOS is first with currently a record of 74M of daily operations, while Telos with a record of 12M of daily operations managed to surpass TRON and got second.


Ubisoft becomes the first Ultra Corporate Block Producer

November 20

Ubisoft recently announced that it will join the Ultra EOSIO blockchains as its first Corporate BP. The UOS will be used by Ubisoft to facilitate in-game asset creation, ownership transfers between players, and payment channels.




Weiss Crypto Ratings downgraded EOS from a B to a C-

December 10

The cryptocurrency rating service Weiss Crypto Ratings announced that it would downgrade EOS within their rating from a B grade to a C-. Currently the announcement was made only on Twitter, while a full article with all the explanation on the rationale should be published soon.


Republic of the Marshall Islands national digital currency based on EOSIO

December 11

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The Republic of the Marshall Islands is currently developing their national digital currency, named Sovereign (SOV), which will be based over the EOSIO software.


Some dApps are moving from EOS to WAX

December 12

eos-to-wax copy

In recent months we are witnessing more and more dApps leaving EOS to move to WAX. Among these dApps that have already moved we can find KARMA, Prospectors with its new land, and the most recent EarnBet, the entire portfolio of games from ITAM Games, Dark Country and Chain Clash.


ULTRA announced partnership with computer processors leader AMD

December 13

After their latest partnership with Ubisoft, ULTRA recently announced a new collaboration with the global computer processors leader AMD. With this partnership they will cooperate to promote Ultra platform and the benefits of blockchain-based game technologies.


Block.One New EOSIO Resource Allocation Proposal

December 22

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Block.One recently published their new proposal for resource allocation in EOSIO chains. The proposal was prompted by the problems that attacked the EOS mainnet, when due to an extreme increase in demand for resources, the Resource Exchange was unable to stabilize its liquidity. This made the blockchain unusable for most users who did not have enough resources.