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Block.one will take part on EOS Governance and voting


Block.One has finally announced that it will take an active part in the discussion of the EOS governance and that it will start voting for Block Producers. B1 with its 90M EOS tokens in stake, would hold about 21% of the total votes cast to BPs on the mainnet and aims to use them to ensure that the EOS mainnet remains as healthy and revolutionary as ever.

In their latest announcement they stated that they observed the evolution in the EOS network in order to understand how they could bring about further improvements. Probably now, given the increase in voting participation of token holders and the SEC's green light, they feel more confident in taking a more active position in governance and will be able to start participating in block producer voting.

"We now feel ready to begin playing our proportional role, with the focus of continuing to support healthy upgrades of the EOS network to achieve iterative improvements of these objectives, and those highlighted by regulators throughout the world as optimal for maximum decentralization."

Any member of the community with an innovative idea for governance on EOS is called upon to share their thoughts on social media with the hashtag #EOSGOV, so that voters throughout the world can be afforded different ideas and proposals to iterate and evolve the EOS network.


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