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WAX announced the accepted WAX Guild Projects

WAX announced the accepted WAX Guild Projects

During the last month, WAX received many submissions from a variety of projects to showcase the value they can bring to the WAX platform and community. From all these requests, the WAX team has selected 11 that will be part of the WAX Guilds, many of which are currently Block Producers on EOS.

As these are the first selections for the WAX guilds, they were made directly by the WAX team. In the future, all the entries will be reviewed by the office of the Inspector General as a neutral third-party.

"We believe this is the best possible short-term initiative to benefit both the WAX community as well as WAX Guild candidates who can begin producing blocks and therefore earning WAX Guild Rewards sooner (rather than waiting for the office of the Inspector General to be filled in the near future)."

WAX Guilds Accepted: 1. BlockMatrix 2. Aloha EOS 3. EOS Cafe Block 4. WAX sw/eden 5. EOS Amsterdam 6. EOS Nation

Standby Guilds:

  • ZenBlocks/EOS Miami
  • Greymass
  • Polar.io (formerly EOS Asia)
  • EOS Rio
  • EOSphere

Source: https://wax.io/blog/announcing-the-accepted-wax-guild-showcase-projects

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