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Pomelo Grants gears Up for a Bigger Season 2!


Applications for season 2 of Pomelo grants, a crowdfunding platform that multiplies your contributions, will open to the public in a week’s time. The EOS community will once again be able to discover dozens of projects that aim to make valuable contributions to the EOS ecosystem and support the ones that resonate with them.

Last season

Season 1 saw $132,989 raised by the EOS community (1022 contributors), a $500,000 matching pool provided by the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), and a further $2,880 (1000 EOS) raised from the .gems Pomelo NFT series sales. All in all, the EOS community was able to raise a total of $635,869 for the 75 grant-approved applicants to further their goals; growing and strengthening the EOS ecosystem.

With 64.7% of the projects focusing on Ecosystem growth and Infrastructure. The rest of the projects focused on Community (11.5%), DeFi (6.2%), Privacy (5.2%), Developer Tooling (5.1%), Governance (2.9%), and Arts & Media (2.3%).

This season

Season 2 promises to be bigger due to the ENF’s commitment to increase the ‘Pomelo matching pool’ fund to a massive $888,888.88, a 77% increase! Almost guaranteeing $1 million in funding for projects to deliver valuable goods and services on EOS!

This season Pomelo grant applicants also have the opportunity to pitch their projects and engage with the EOS community on the public stage through various platforms. Pomelo has availed two options with which grant applicants can pitch their projects. Sign-ups for - Pitch sessions

  1. A slot in the EOS Community Fireside Chat Every Wednesday 20:00 UTC Pitch time: 5min Q&A: 15min

Hosted in the EOS Community Discord: https://www.discord.gg/eos-network

  1. Pomelo Pitch Deck Interview - a YouTube miniseries by GenerEOS (a Top 21 BP) A 20-30 min. walkthrough, project introduction, progress, grant proposal, breakdown of future development, and other important details necessary for would-be donors to hear first-hand what effect their donations procure.

Hosted on the GenerEOS YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/3IOfdhR

Grant applications open from March 22nd to April 11th. For the EOS community, donations to support their favorite projects will open from March 30th to April 23rd.


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