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Block.One invest $10 million to establish new U.S headquarters


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam recently announced the latest investment of Block.One. Apparently they will invest $10 million and establish its U.S. headquarters in Arlington County, which will create 170 new jobs over a period of three years.

"Block.one maintains a strong presence at its Blacksburg operation, and we are thrilled that this global company will expand its footprint in Virginia by locating its U.S. headquarters in Arlington County" - Governor Northam

With this new headquarters, Block.One has moved closer to the political center of the United States, Washington D.C., so they can easily recruit new talent to improve EOSIO and establish new partnerships.

"Arlington’s proximity to Washington, D.C. also allows us to continue building constructive business and government relationships as we provide insights for the application of blockchain based technologies. We are excited to be heading down new paths of growth." - Block.one Chief Operating Officer Andrew Bliss.


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  • https://block.one/news/block-one-opens-us-headquarters-in-arlington/
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