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BuiltOnEOSIO: Scaling dApps with LiquidApps


Block.One interviewed Beni Hakak, CEO at Liquidapps, who are revolutionizing the dApps space through new scaling technologies with the DAPP Network.

"the DAPP Network is the first universal middleware to work across multiple blockchains. By connecting the various chains it allows dApps to scale and grow their user bases wherever the Layer 1 traction emerges or shifts."

Why LiquidApps?

LiquidApps was created as a solution to support developers to build their own decentralized applications, without having to develop the infrastructure from scratch. The initial project has evolved, adapting to current requirements, in particular to solve difficulties of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services.

"In our view, end users should not be exposed to the backend of the applications with which they interact, whether they are built on blockchain technology or not. Likewise, developers should have a seamless experience building dApps."


The LiquidApps team decided to develop their services using the EOSIO technology for several reasons:

  • flexible transaction model
  • sub-second block times
  • EOSIO vision: multiple EOSIO-based chains connected together

What are your plans for scaling?

The DAPP Network is already able to connect the EOS mainnet with Ethereum, WAX and Telos. In addition, through LiquidChains, it is possible to guarantee developers enormous flexibility in configuring their own chains, which can be used in combination with public chains.

In this way, a dApp can easily configure its own chain to manage its resources, and be connected to a public chain so as not to restrict its user base.

"dApps on EOSIO, Ethereum, or potentially any other smart contract chain can migrate their operations on to a LiquidChain for gas-reduced quick computation, all while retaining a connection to the main network of their choice, as needed."


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