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The DAPP Network’s Reddit Scaling Bounty


Currently Reddit is looking for a scaling solution to move users' Reddit points to Ethereum. Following this opportunity, LiquidApps announced a bounty for who will propose a solution using the DAPP Network.

The Reddit team has published the details of their request, specifying the minimum requirements necessary for the proposals to be used in their future solution. Participants will not have a chance to earn any cash prizes, but will probably have a huge exposure from Reddit.

In view of this opportunity, LiquidApps has announced a bounty that can be won by those who participate in the Reddit request by proposing a qualified solution using the DAPP Network that meets the minimum requirements. The bounty is 1,000,000 DAPP tokens, which at today's price of about $0,016 is equal to $16,000.

Proposals should be submitted directly to the Reddit post before July 31, and then notified to the LiquidApps team via email.

For more details, read the LiquidApps post(The DAPP Network's Reddit Scaling Bounty).



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