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What happened this week on EOSIO | Nov. 11 - Nov. 17


“What happened this Week on EOSIO” summarises the past 7 days of news sent by EOS Go. This edition’s timeframe goes from the 11th November to the 17th November.

Congestion solution with Proof-of-Rest


Tal Muskal, CTO of LiquidApps, recently explained on a Medium post a plausible solution for the congestion state of the EOS mainnet owed to the EIDOS token mining mechanism. This solution is based on the premise that the way to fight a bubble is by creating a counterbalanced bubble that will serve as the "Immune System" of the EOS resource market.


Forget Mode CPU solution by TokenPocket


TokenPocket recently released their new "Forget Mode" service, which allows users to perform transactions covered directly by TokenPocket in exchange for a fixed sum in TokenPocket Tokens (TPT).


EIDOS – Everyone Is Denied of Service (Aiden Pearce)


This week EOS Go brings you a new provocative article that explains in detail the story of Enumivo and its founder Aiden Pierce, and what led him to create the EIDOS token on EOS.


A more efficient approach to renting unused resources


Cristoph Michel, a well-known developer on EOSIO, has proposed a new solution for the current status of resources in the mainnet. This solution aims to create a more efficient market to rent unused resources from users to other users or dApps by using a CPU token.


Block.One will take part on EOS Governance and voting


Block.One has finally announced that it will take an active part in the discussion of the EOS governance and that it will start voting for Block Producers. B1 with its 90M EOS tokens in stake, would hold about 21% of the total votes cast to BPs on the mainnet and aims to use them to ensure that the EOS mainnet remains as healthy and revolutionary as ever.


Greymass revealed Greymass Fuel Prototype


The Greymass team recently revelead on Twitter their new prototype service that will allow dApps to easily cover transaction costs for their users, and to offer limited free transactions to any user through on donations.


EOS Go is expanding its presence to China


EOS Go is happy to announce its expansion to China! It's been two years since we started to publish daily news about EOSIO and we are now ready to start publishing content to the Chinese community with the goal to bridge the East and the West!


EOSIO chains outperform all other blockchains


As we can see from Blocktivity, the EOSIO chains lead the ranking in terms of Blockchain Activity: EOS is first with currently a record of 74M of daily operations, while Telos with a record of 12M of daily operations managed to surpass TRON and got second.


Brendan Blumer: What’s the future of Blockchain?


Last weekend took place the Blocksburg Summit 2019, an event organized by Virginia Tech which brought blockchain thought leaders from around the world to engage in conversations on various key blockchain topics. Brendan Blumer discussed his thoughts about Blockchain's future, how it will affect enterprises, government and technology in an interview with Brian Sullivan, CNBC News Anchor.


Weiss Crypto Ratings: ADA is superior to EOS


Recently the twitter account of Weiss Crypto Ratings, a rating site of cryptocurrencies, stated that "Cardano is clearly superior to EOS". The tweet has raised a lot of criticism, as in their own ranking EOS is positioned 6 places above ADA. Probably Weiss is no longer an "unbiased" rating site as they profess to be?


OKEx Pool EOSIO community campaign concluded


Recently, the OKEx Pool EOSIO community campaign has come to an end and the winning BPs have been announced. The OKEx Pool of EOS BP Pursuit consists of a competition between the BPs of the EOS mainnet who send their applications to the OKEx team to be voted through the exchange tokens. Only the BPs that contributed the most to the ecosystem gets the votes from the exchange.


Dan Larimer key topics at Blocksburg Summit


Virginia Tech recently organized the Blocksburg Summit 2019, here we bring you some of the key topics about Dan's discussion regarding VOICE, Block.One, EOSIO performances and IBC.


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