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Congestion solution with Proof-of-Rest


Tal Muskal, CTO of LiquidApps, recently explained on a Medium post a plausible solution for the congestion state of the EOS mainnet owed to the EIDOS token mining mechanism. This solution is based on the premise that the way to fight a bubble is by creating a counterbalanced bubble that will serve as the "Immune System" of the EOS resource market.

Basically there must be a token that compensates its users for not using their resources, a sort of Proof-of-Rest. A user receives an "ImmunityToken" if he can prove that he could have wasted CPU but he didn't. In this way the "ImmunityToken" will be able to counter the effect of EIDOS tokens, to balance the CPU demand and keep the network healthy.

"ImmunityToken" Details:

  • Will use LiquidOracles to verify that a user has not wasted CPUs
  • Returns ImmunityToken, to users who have not wasted CPU and have requested it through a transaction


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