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Eden First On-Chain Election Concluded


Yesterday saw the conclusion of EdenOs' first official on-chain election, which saw Aaron Cox, co-founder of Greymass and Anchor wallet, as the winner and Chief Delegates head.

The election was attended by 182 members out of 308 total registered Eden members, who voted to decide how to allocate Eden's $263,000 treasury EOS.

After a series of elections on randomized groups, the elected Chief Delegates are:

  • Aaron Cox: Co-Founder Greymass e di Anchor Wallet
  • Chris Barnes: 1st Eden Mock Election winner
  • Jesse Jaffe : EOS Bees Queen
  • John Williamson: EOS Nation CTO
  • Brandon Lovejoy: Multimedia Creator
  • Randall Roland: EOS Genesis Community Member

The EOS Nation team recorded the entire election, and it is available at Youtube. Chris Barnes instead shared the final Chief Delegate Discussion where they address the intended use of a portion of the treasury: Final Chief Delegate Discussion


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