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VOICE Announces a Human Sign-up!


The Voice team has announced the new Human Sign-up process that will be used for new sign-ups on their platform, replacing the KYC used previously.

The news comes directly on Voice, from a post by the Product Manager of the Voice team. Apparently, the Human Sign-up will allow users to register and verify that they are not a bot via a biometric photo. It will no longer be necessary to follow the long process of validating the driving license. Through the biometric photo they will be able to generate a 3D image that can verify the humanness of the user.

This 3D image is similar to those used by Face ID on iPhone, and are stored inside Voice secure servers, not accessible by any other service or company.

Through Human Sign-up it will not be necessary to register through full legal name. Users who have already registered with full legal name should be able to change it in the future, but we are not sure about it yet.

Removing the verification of the driving license, and integrating a new, simpler solution was a key step to open the doors to Voice globally. Indeed, this should make the verification process much easier, and from August 15th VOICE will be prepared for the new wave of sign-ups from all over the world!

We can't wait to be there, wait for us!


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