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EOSIO Training and Certification Courses by Block.One

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Block.One recently launched a series of training and courses focused on the EOSIO software, allowing anyone to learn about its features and start developing smart contracts, with the issuance of certifications.

As many industries begin to seek blockchain-based solutions, the establishment of a blockchain course for certification standards represents a critical step toward ecosystem maturity. This is the fundamental purpose of the blockchain training and certification introduced by EOSIO. These courses are designed for multiple topics in blockchain development and can help students quickly grasp the basics of blockchain development.

The deadline for free access to all EOSIO training and certification courses is January 31, 2021, and includes.

  • Introduction to EOSIO (non-technical explanation) In this course, you will learn about the EOSIO blockchain, what EOSIO is, what makes EOSIO different, and how EOSIO supports cutting-edge applications.

  • Introduction to EOSIO (Technical Explanation) In this course, you will be introduced to more technical details of the EOSIO platform, making you more familiar with the architecture and tools that make the EOSIO blockchain work.

  • Smart Contracts 101 Smart contracts are the foundation of any EOSIO blockchain application. Learn about how smart contracts work and how to use them in the development process.

  • Smart Contracts 201 This course builds on what you've learned in Smart Contracts 101. Expand your ability to create advanced EOSIO smart contract features, learn to update EOSIO smart contract tables for existing contracts, and use data from external sources in smart contracts.

  • Application Developer 101 Application development on the blockchain can be complex. Through this course, you will learn the various considerations and architectures you need to know to build EOSIO blockchain applications.

  • EOSIO for Ethereum Developers 101 This course is for Ethereum developers to learn to use their existing skills to create smart contracts and applications on the EOSIO platform. It covers the EOSIO platform, the C ++ programming language and the EOSIO developer framework.

Passing all the above courses will see official issued certifications in your personal account. These certifications will allow contract developers to stand out in job applications. So, do you want to challenge yourself?


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