Forget Mode CPU solution by TokenPocket


After the extreme increase in CPU consumption on the EOS mainnet, the community is working on solutions that improve the efficiency of transactions, that provide resources for their users and that allow new services to offer resources in exchange for a fixed price.

As for the last case, TokenPocket recently released their new "Forget Mode" service, which allows users to perform transactions covered directly by TokenPocket.

In this way, users, in exchange for a fixed sum in TokenPocket Tokens (TPT), will no longer have to think about the consumption of their resources, and will be able to enjoy their favorite dApps, even those that do not yet pay CPUs for their users. With 100 TPT (0.05EOS), users will receive about 29.84ms CPU, which they would otherwise get by staking 298.4 EOS.

In addition to the Forget Mode TokenPocket is backing the free CPU feature for dApp providers. DApps can apply to easily start paying resources for its users. How to apply it:

  1. Provide an action list that you want to pay the fees for users.
  2. Provide us an EOS account with enough CPU resources.
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