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OKEx Pool EOSIO community campaign concluded


Recently, the OKEx Pool EOSIO community campaign has come to an end and the winning BPs have been announced. The OKEx Pool of EOS BP Pursuit consists of a competition between the BPs of the EOS mainnet who send their applications to the OKEx team to be voted through the exchange tokens. Only the BPs that contributed the most to the ecosystem gets the votes from the exchange.

The winners of this week’s selection are:

  • EOS Nation
  • Greymass
  • Scatter
  • EOS Aloha
  • EOS Rio
  • EOS Sweden
  • EOS Detroit
  • EOS Authority
  • EOS New York
  • EOS Sphere
  • Sheos
  • EOS Argentina
  • EOS Node One
  • MeetOne
  • EOS Cannon
  • EOS HK
  • EOS Arabia
  • Slowmist

OKEx Pool is looking to adapt to the ever changing EOS ecosystem landscape on an ongoing basis and they encourage the EOS community to get involved as well.


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