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Super Hero Free EOS Mining Event Open Now!

Super Hero Free EOS Mining Event Open Now!

Recently FastECO launched a Mining Event on their new game in development: Super Hero. Super Hero is the world’s first 3D MMORPG partially based on EOSIO blockchain technology and already freely available to play in beta testing.

The Mining Event start on September 3rd, and will end on September 8th, 20:00 HKT. Players can login via Scatter and dive with their 3d character into the game. Every 10 minutes, 50 new mines will appear at random locations all over the map, heroes must locate the mines to begin mining and extract the EOS within each one until the daily 100-200 EOS extraction limit has been reached.

You can start playing at http://sh.fasteco.io/

Read more: https://medium.com/@FastEco/superhero-mining-function-is-coming-soon-a905b19de8a8

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