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This Week: Highlights of a Strong and Resilient EOS Community and Network


Another week has passed and this time it has also given us an opportunity to reflect, not only on this past week, but the past five years since the launch of the EOS blockchain. Building atop a long history of ups and downs, this week’s developments add to the rich history that EOS continues to lay out.

This past week’s developments also continued to highlight the significance of the EOS network; its performance, community, and resilience.

Cripto Mexico conference


Hosted and run by the Hispanic community focused on Web3, blockchain, NFTs, and technology, Cripto Mexico is a conference dedicated to celebrating the advancements and achievements.

The EOS Mexico community had sent representatives to the conference to represent the EOS community and its recent developments. Community member, Kevin Damken, was a speaker at the conference discussing the history and recent growth of the ecosystem.

I will talk tomorrow at the Cripto Mexico conference about all the good things that EOS brings to the world” - Kevin Damken

The conference was held in Monterrey, which is the second largest city in Mexico following Mexico City. It provided an opportunity for EOS to gain further recognition and growth in the country of Mexico, where it lacks support compared to other Hispanic communities in Venezuela, Argentina and Los Angeles (USA).

ENF x FoxWallet partnership


FoxWallet, a multi-chain decentralized Web3 wallet, has recently announced that it has entered into partnership with the EOS Network Foundation (ENF). The partnership will see FoxWallet provide its services on the EOS EVM blockchain.

FoxWallet will provide users an option for creating & importing an EOS EVM wallet. As well as provide a way for users to transfer and deposit EOS EVM-based tokens, and the ability to interact with EOS EVM-based applications.

Additionally, FoxWallet will open another door that connects to other blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Solana, Binance Chain, Polygon, etc. Users will be able to make cross-chain transfers from EOS EVM to these other blockchain networks and vice-versa.

5 years of EOS moments


‘The network is approaching its five-year anniversary with an impressive track record of 1800+ consecutive days without any downtime.’ - EOS Network Foundation (ENF)

To commemorate this historic moment, the ENF is immortalizing 21 key moments in EOS’ journey with an NFT series that can be earned through participation in community events. These 21 key moments will periodically be published in the lead up to the June 8th five-year anniversary.

Moment #1: The Origin

The EOS genesis block was confirmed on June 8th 2018 at 08:08 AM UTC. Inscribed within the memo of the genesis block was a message that reads:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

Moment #2: First EOS Community Conference

In August 2018, the community was drawn together for the first EOS Community Conference.

Held in Seoul, Korea, enduring relationships were formed within the EOS community of investors, builders and block producers.

Moment #3: The Community Constitution

In November 2018, after many months of debate, consensus was reached within the network and the EOS User Agreement was signed into effect by the leading block producers.

Moment #4: The EOS Torch

In March 2019, as a fun on-chain community-building activity, the TORCH token was created and passed around from one EOS community member to another.

Moment #5: The Scholars

Starting in 2018 and continuing to this day, offline & online hackathons give EOS blockchain scholars the opportunity to meet up, collaborate, and build together.

Moment #6: REX Joins the Party

In May 2019, the Resource Exchange protocol (REX) unlocked nearly uncontrollable scalability on the network.

Token holders could now rent out their unused capacity to power users, increasing both the utility and yield of the EOS token

Moment #7: Second EOS Community Conference

In October 2019, the community came together for the 2nd ECC, this time held on the other side of the world in Rio, Brazil.

This spark reignited collaboration and strengthened soon-to-be tested bonds within the ecosystem.

Moment #8: Attack of the CPU Miners

In January 2020, the EOS Network encountered a situation that would test the resiliency, redundancy and capacity of the network.

Moment #8.1: Defense of the EOS Operators

The epic on-chain Battle for CPU lasted months and the grueling battle tested many parts of the EOS ecosystem all at once.

Core devs shipped specific protocol features to help mitigate the attack and ...

Moment #8.2: Strengthening the EOS Network

... node operators worked tirelessly to strengthen, optimize and reorganize the structure of their nodes in order to be able to withstand an outrageous number of transactions.

Eventually, the network emerged victorious!

Moment #8.3: 100M+ Transactions Per Day

Now able to process over 100M tx/day, the network could easily handle the CPU miners.

The “ponzinomics” powering the attack eventually fizzled out and the once-loud CPU miners left quietly into the night.

Moment #9: Undisputed Champion of China

The China Centre for Information Industry Development (CCID) has published multiple global rankings of public blockchains and, based on their technical assessments, has consistently ranked the EOS Network in first place.

Moment #10: A Foundation for #TheNewEOS

In August 2021, after a long period of misguided hope & patience, the EOS community was hungry & ready for something new.

Emerging from this deep & widespread desire for change, leadership, and action, the

EOS Network Foundation was born.

Want to own these collectible pieces of EOS history? Make sure to join the bountyblok contests every week to collect all 21 EOS Moments!

As of writing EOS is trading at $0.89 (up from last week’s price of $0.88). EOS is currently doing $84 million in daily trading volume, and its market cap sits at $972 million. This week sees EOS move up two spots to 47th position by market cap rankings. All stats are based on CoinMarketCap data.


Cripto Mexico conference

ENF x FoxWallet partnership

5 years of EOS Moments

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