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What happened this week on EOSIO | Dec. 9 - Dec. 15


“What happened this Week on EOSIO” summarises the past 7 days of news sent by EOS Go. This edition’s timeframe goes from the 9th December to the 15th December.

China 15th Crypto Ranking, EOS Retains Top Spot, Bitcoin in 9th Place


China published its 14th Crypto Rankings. The first 3 spots are still dominated by the largest Blockchain for dApps: EOS still in first position, Ethereum is back in the second place, while TRON is third.


Weiss Crypto Ratings downgraded EOS from a B to a C-


The cryptocurrency rating service Weiss Crypto Ratings announced that it would downgrade EOS within their rating from a B grade to a C-. Currently the announcement was made only on Twitter, while a full article with all the explanation on the rationale should be published soon.


Republic of the Marshall Islands national digital currency based on EOSIO

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The Republic of the Marshall Islands is currently developing their national digital currency, named Sovereign (SOV), which will be based over the EOSIO software.


Token Pocket offers free resources for EOS accounts


Token Pocket has recently launched a new program that allows new EOS accounts to receive free resources equivalent to 30 token transfer, and 15 token transfer for all other accounts.


Why are dApps leaving EOS for WAX?

eos-to-wax copy

In recent months we are witnessing more and more dApps leaving EOS to move to WAX. What are the reasons that lead the teams of these projects to choose to move from EOS to WAX?


ITAM Games moves entire mobile games portfolio to WAX


ITAM Games also joins the list of dApps that move from EOS to WAX, after announcing the transition of its entire mobile games portfolio. These include Dungeon Princess (ranked #1 in Taiwan's Google Play and Apple stores), Blue Dawn, Dark Town, Spookiz and many more.


EarnBet joins WAX and relaunch EOSBet.io


After publishing the 30-day notice, EarnBet announced that they are moving to the WAX blockchain. The team is not going to abandon completely EOS, as they will re-launch EOSBet.io in the mainnet. The transition to WAX will still allow them to focus more on improving their dApp and continue to attract new users.


dStor Revolutionary Decentralized Storage announced


The GoodBlock team recently announced dStor, a new form of decentralized storage. This offers a solution where trusting the current cloud computing leaders (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, ...) is no longer required. Thus eliminating the single point of failure and at the same time reducing costs of current cloud storage systems.


ULTRA announced partnership with computer processors leader AMD


After their latest partnership with Ubisoft, ULTRA recently announced a new collaboration with the global computer processors leader AMD. With this partnership they will cooperate to promote Ultra platform and the benefits of blockchain-based game technologies.


2nd EOS Community Conference Recap


During October the 2nd EOS Community Conference was held in Rio. The event follows the steps of the Seoul event in 2018, to discuss ideas and innovative approaches to key elements for the community, as well as the most pressing issues on the network.


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