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dStor Revolutionary Decentralized Storage announced


The GoodBlock team recently announced dStor, a new form of decentralized storage. This offers a solution where trusting the current cloud computing leaders (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, ...) is no longer required. Thus eliminating the single point of failure and at the same time reducing costs of current cloud storage systems.

dStor is based on the IPFS, improving its efficiency and making it more similar to a normal centralized database.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS)?


  • No single point of failure
  • No trust required
  • Tamper-proof
  • Lower cost
  • Hosted on various servers and operators


  • Slow: multiple attempts often needed to find data
  • Data can be lost
  • Some IPFS implementation needs a specific cryptocurrency payment

dStore combines the benefits of centralized storage with IPFS, creating a system that is both fast to access and high-performance, with low cost, trustless and tamper-proof.


*"We see dStore as a foundational technology of the new internet. Each of these elements is going to be crucial: trustlessness, tamper-proof files, high-speed delivery, high-data persistence, resiliency against DDoS and resiliency against government censorship." *

How does dStor work?

  1. How dStor achieves lower costs than traditional cloud: they do not focus on the quality of operators, as does Amazon or Microsoft to create economies of scale, but they aim for a greater quantity of storage operators with cheaper drives. For this reason it is much more likely that drives may go down, but at the same time there will be so many copies of the various files within dStor that it will always be possible to reach the files from other operators. In this way with more instances they can achieve greater security and at the same time greater geographic diversity at lower costs.

  2. How dStor achieves trustless and tamper-proof data: in dStore there will be no single entity that controls its operations. For this reason it will not be possible to shut down operations or access. Likewise, the files cannot be tampered with, because the every filename will be created using the SHA256 hash of the data file. In this way changing even a single character within the file will generate a different filename and thus protecting users.

  3. How is dStore feasible: for the dStore to be feasible, it relies on its own economic model. According to this, users and dApps will pay a one-time for MB fee to upload files and a monthly fee for document served. Payments can be made in a variety of currencies. Of all the cash inflows, dStor will receive a portion and the remainder will be used to pay the individual storage operators, in proportion to the data served.


dStor is entering its beta stage and will be working closely with initial decentralized apps as users before expanding into broader markets.


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