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Colin Talks Crypto: is Cardano better than EOS?


In some of his latest videos on Youtube, Colin Talks Crypto has often shared his view about Cardano (ADA), and given the many criticisms he received he wanted to elaborate on the reasons that led him to his conclusions. According to Colin, is Cardano better than EOS?

"Cardano fans will state that great things take time to build and that ADA is in it for the long run. Well, I am in this for the long run too, and I think EOS is too. Performance-wise, EOS is the top performing smart contract blockchain"

From his recently published article, Colin immediately made clear his preference for EOS over Cardano, and explained the reasons behind this:

  1. Huge ICO funding & devotion from block.one
  2. Block.one's Voice social network
  3. EOS. Smart contract abilities are already operable
  4. Block.one keeps developing the EOSIO software constantly
  5. EOS is still the top performing smart contract blockchain
  6. EOS permission system and user-friendly account names
  7. No fees for transactions

According to Colin, Cardano still has a long way to go to reach EOS, but at the same time EOSIO will not stop from continuing to develop and improve. This makes it even more difficult to close the gap between Cardano and EOS, although EOS also needs to solve some of its problems, including CPU and Governance improvements.

"It's important to keep in mind that ADA will have to go through the same rigorous real-world testing that EOS is going through right now, battle-testing and fixing issues and bugs as they come up in a live environment. Don't think that Cardano is exempt from this process. It will have to go through it too"


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