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Block.one Voting in May 2020 and More!


Block one founded the PBE (Public Blockchain Engagement) program. The PBE serves as the first contact point between the company and public blockchain communities. plans to start voting for the EOS mainnet in May 2020.

  • Stakeholder Alignment: BlockOne holds approximately 100 million EOS tokens, and they believe that the staking system will be an important component of the token economy of the future. To maximize network security and ensure constructive participation, BlockOne will begin staking and vote using their EOS tokens.

  • Recognizing the work of BPs: since the EOS public blockchain was launched by the public and founding BPs, hundreds of BPs have provided a tremendous amount of code, knowledge and leadership. In the coming weeks, B1 will highlight and vote for these many candidates, to showcase the value, and network contributions of these organizations.

  • The EOS Foundation: BlockOne mentioned they will be working with members of the community to research and develop a good model for the EOS Foundation to exist. The goal of the EOS Foundation will be to support the advancement of the EOS public blockchain.


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