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2nd EOS Community Conference Recap


During October the 2nd EOS Community Conference was held in Rio. The event follows the steps of the Seoul event in 2018, to discuss ideas and innovative approaches to key elements for the community, as well as the most pressing issues on the network.

This Community Conference was part of a series of events focused on Blockchain and EOS organized mainly by EOS Rio and EOS Argentina with the help of other equally important sponsors such as EOS Nation, Boscore, Node One, EOS Cannon and eosDAC.

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From The 2nd EOS Community Conference recap!

  1. Opening Speech — Reigniting the Magic: Yves La Rose, CEO — EOS Nation
  2. The State of Blockchain in LATAM: Alberto Guerrero, CEO — EOS Venezuela
  3. Mutual Loan: Sebastian Valdecanto, EOS Argentina
  4. BOS 3s LIB: Igor Lins e Silva, CTO — EOS Rio
  5. Zero Knowledge Proof: Sergio Yuhjtman, EOS Argentina
  6. Ghostbustersx & Liberland: Michael Yeates, eosDAC
  7. TRF + Detroit 2020 + Goodbye to loved ones in the Community: Rob Konsdorf, EOS Detroit
  8. BOS Ecosystem Program: Yves La Rose, BOS Executive Team
  9. What Could an EOS Foundation Look Like?: Luke Stokes, eosDAC


From The 2nd EOS Community Conference recap!

  1. Approaches do Stablecoins with EOS Argentina, Greymass, Equilibrium, 100x & Bitcash
  2. Governance Panel with EOS Rio, EOS Nation, EOS Cannon, eosDAC


From The 2nd EOS Community Conference recap!

  1. Sense.chat: Autumn Penaloza, Sheos
  2. EOS in a Box: Ami Heines, EOS in a Box
  3. cc.fo: Carter Feldman, EOS Rapid
  4. MYKEY: Bean Peng, EOS Cannon
  5. EOS Cash: Vahid Toosi, EOS Sw/eden


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