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Blockchain Gaming Industry - How is WAX doing?


The blockchain gaming industry has great potential, and more and more projects, such as WAX and Ultra, are aiming to expand in this field. The GreenEOSIO team recently released an article analysing WAX's role in the expansion of Blockchain in the gaming industry.

The role of blockchain technology in shaping the future of the gaming industry?

The blockchain can be fundamental to take the gaming industry to the next level. Through blockchain it is possible to allow players a range of benefits that would not be possible without it, including:

  • Decentralized games
  • True Ownership
  • Digital Collectables
  • Fair and Transparent Gameplay
  • Trustless in-games asset transfers
Blockchain technology is all about democratizing power and giving users control over their assets transparently.

Aren't blockchains expensive and slow to meet the needs of the gaming industry?

The third generation of Blockchains, including the EOSIO and WAX blockchains, are capable of supporting thousands of transactions per second, keeping costs extremely low compared to previous generations of blockchains.

Blockchain adds more friction to the user experience

Usually to use a blockchain requires a certain level of expertise that is not yet adequate for any person. WAX tries to avoid all the difficulties that a blockchain entails for the end user, through a series of tools that facilitate its use, including the WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW).

Can blockchains support Random Number Generators?

Building a Random Number Generator (RNG) has always been a challenge in Computer Science. Although we have found suitable solutions, we cannot yet consider RNGs to be truly random. This problem is further complicated in a blockchain, where everything is made more transparent.

WAX Blockchain offers a decentralized RNG service which can power provably fair mechanics for thousands of games and apps.

Do blockchains scare investors and is it hard to get funding?

In recent years, investments in blockchain solutions have been growing, albeit slowly. In the last 48 hours, WAX has announced 75 million WAX tokens (~$2 million) fund (a.k.a Treasure Chest) as part of the WAX Labs initiative. This is a kind of Worker Proposal System (WPS) solution, which allows developers to raise funds to develop new solutions and applications above the WAX blockchain.


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