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Block.One's VC investments focus on COVID-19 blockchains solutions


Block.One's investment branch, both the EOS VC Grants program and the FinLab EOS VC, are focusing more on companies that create blockchain solutions addressing the COVID-19, highlighting the potential and benefits of the EOSIO software.

Their latest investments and grants include:

  • Genobank.io: they recently made a partnership with the Telos Foundation to develop the open-source app: Agerona that will allow users to securely source low-cost COVID-19 testing.
  • PUML Better Health: health and wellness platform that will rewards their users to complete healthy activities and challenges. These will be promoted by corporates and brands. They have recently launched their own live stream service on their app.
  • Moonlighting: freelance marketplace that made its searchable database of 200,000 work-from-home job listings freely accessible.
  • Innoplexus: will share in open license its Ontosight® AI-based platform to help the COVID-19 search and contribute to its containment.

"The use of blockchain, big data analytics, new technologies and proactive testing all play a central role in ensuring that the work of many labs and organizations around the globe can come together to respond to COVID-19 with the speed and agility required to help governments flatten not only the curve but the disease. The integration of EOSIO in our platform ensures that we can rapidly aggregate unpublished data that currently sits in silos around the world to speed actionable insights across the drug development life cycle for the development of tests and treatments for COVID-19." - Gunjan Bhardwaj, CEO of Innoplexus AG.


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