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This Week: EOS Developments Strive for an Industry Edge


What an eventful week this past week has been, filled with exciting announcements, partnerships, and anticipation upcoming project launches. This has easily been one the most eventful weeks in the existence of the EOS ecosystem.

Looking at this past week’s recent developments and progress of ongoing projects, to global events and protocol upgrades. This all gives the impression that EOS is setting up to be among the strongest competitors on all fronts of the blockchain industry.

Without further deliberation, let’s look at some of these developments that are striving to give the EOS ecosystem an edge in the industry.

EOS Network Venture pledges $20 million to GameFi

Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 13.24.39

The week started off with some amazing news with Yves La Rose announcing that the EOS Network Ventures (ENV) is committing $20 million towards GameFi projects building on the upcoming EOS EVM. This is a major commitment towards gaming in the EOS ecosystem considering that ENV is initially funded with $100 million to be distributed across different sectors of the EOS ecosystem.

EOS Network Ventures’ investment into GameFi projects comes at an opportune time as GameFi is regarded as the next big narrative that will attract thousands and, quite possibly, millions of users into the blockchain space. Which would open up more opportunities for further investments into the GameFi sector. With EOS EVM looking set to become a leader in that sector, this could mean wonderful things for the EOS community and the blockchain space as a whole.

Read more on the significance of this pledge - EOS Network Ventures (ENV) to Invest $20 Million into EOS EVM and GameFi

EOS Network Foundation x Multichain partnership

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) recently announced its new partnership with Multichain, a cross-chain router protocol. This partnership is to expand EOS EVM’s reach to other blockchain ecosystems (EVM and non-EVM) and enable seamless cross-chain swaps for thousands of tokens.

By pairing with Multichain, the EOS EVM will gain access to Multichain’s services such as anyCall Cross-chain Contract Calls, Cross-chain NFT Bridges and Router, blockchain-to-blockchain routers, and bridges, which it has over 2,900 deployed. Along with its non-custodial and multi-party computation (MPC) model, and no-slippage swaps which eliminate the hidden costs associated with token swaps.

The ENF hopes that this partnership will open up other venues for EOS EVM growth. By being connected to other ecosystems, the ENF looks to tap into various other developer pools in order to attract development of dApps on the EOS EVM. Able to offer developers new funding opportunities, EOS Network Ventures will be actively seeking out GameFi and EVM projects to invest into.

For more details read the full announcement - ENF Partners With Multichain: Expanding Cross-Chain Capabilities

Pomelo Season 5 concludes

Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 13.24.51

Pomelo Grants, the crowdfunding initiative that allows anyone from the EOS community to request funding for public goods projects on EOS, concluded its fifth season this past week. Having started the season on February 22 with the opening of grant applications, it quickly drew an estimated total of 200 applications.

For Season 5, Pomelo Grants saw 4,537 contributions from donors who collectively raised 73,897 EOS for public goods. The amount raised will be distributed among the 127 approved public goods projects, along with the $150,000 pledge from the ENF and the $20,000+ raised by Pomelo’s NFT initiatives.

The Pomelo team is currently analyzing the results, making sure there wasn’t any cheating and gaming of the system. Following which Pomelo will distribute the matching pool funds to all approved projects, based on a quadratic funding mechanism where the more unique donors a project has, the more funds they receive. Results of which will be announced in the coming days.

EOS Network Foundation x Upland partnership


The EOS Network Foundation’s (ENF’s) second partnership announcement of the week was with EOS’ leading GameFi dApp, Upland. For the upcoming ‘Upland’s Genesis Week’ celebration in Las Vegas on June 9, Upland and the ENF have partnered for a three-track hackathon.

The three hackathon tracks are:

FIFA World Cup Track - which provides a unique opportunity for football/soccer enthusiasts to utilize Upland’s FIFA Legits and Upland’s third-party SDK to create a long-lasting experience.

Innovation Track - participants are invited to build community-focused games, content, and experiences that bring people together.

Design Track - participants are invited to design a 3D trophy for the World of Football esports tournament and include the FIFA World Cup logo. World of Football is an Upland game where users can play football against each other using their Block Explorers.

Following the registration deadline on May 12 and then the submission deadline on May 26, finalists for all three tracks will deliver their presentations to judges and players in Las Vegas. Winners and runners-up will get awarded prizes that include $5k/$10k, incubator programs to launch their projects, placement in the FIFA World Cup Village in Upland, and a 2 million UPX (tokens) grand prize.

Find out more about the hackathon - Hackathon Your Way to $10K and 2 Million UPX!

Antelope Leap v4.0.0 RC-2 release

Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 13.25.03

The release notes for the second iteration of Leap’s version 4.0.0 release candidate were published on GitHub this past week. This release focuses on optimizing node performance, improving block propagation, scheduling future snapshots, adding read-only transactions, and improving performance of EVM related functions.

This release is the first of the major bi-annually Leap upgrades, and this one has been released with EVM related performance improvements in preparation for the EVM mainnet beta launch on April 14.

Antelope Leap v4.0.0 upgrade introduces new features such as Read-Only Transactions, Auto-peering with schedule proximal BP nodes, Snapshot Scheduling API, Prometheus Exporter Plugin, and Log Splitting. As well as various performance improvements.

Check out the release notes for a more technical and in-depth view - Leap v4.0.0-rc2 Release Notes

A busy conference schedule for the ENF

Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 13.25.09

While EOS was having quite an eventful week, the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) was attending leading blockchain, gaming, and tech conferences in France and the United States. These included conferences in which the ENF was a sponsor and one in which Yves La Rose, ENF Founder and CEO, was a panelist on NFT Gaming and the Metaverse.

These conferences provided great opportunities for the ENF and its partners to get the word out about the EOS ecosystem and its recent developments. In addition, they were the perfect platform to reach out to potential partners and investors.

Read our extensive report on the significance of these events - A Busy Conference Schedule for the EOS Network Foundation

As of writing EOS is trading at $1.14 (slightly up from last week’s price of $1.13). It is currently doing $126 million in daily trading volume, and its market cap currently sits at $1,235,783,916. EOS remains 45th by market cap rankings this week. All stats are based on CoinMarketCap data.


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