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EarnBet joins WAX and relaunch EOSBet.io


After publishing the 30-day notice, EarnBet announced that they are moving to the WAX blockchain. The team is not going to abandon completely EOS, as they will re-launch EOSBet.io in the mainnet. The transition to WAX will still allow them to focus more on improving their dApp and continue to attract new users.

"Dan Larimer’s vision for EOSIO was never to have just one chain, but rather a network of sister chains each with different benefits and governance. After evaluating a wide-range of options, we determined there was no better place for EarnBet than the WAX blockchain."

The relocation is mainly due to the cost of resources in the EOS mainnet, which forced them to stop attempting to attract new users. As explained in one of our recent news, among the benefits of WAX we find:

  1. EOS blockchain’s congestion is causing dApps to move from EOS to WAX
  2. WAX has the most consumer-friendly login and onboarding process for dApp customers
  3. Earning WAX Staking Rewards offsets developer operational costs.

All EOS accounts that owned BET tokens have already had a free WAX account created, and have been staked with WAX tokens to allow them to trade. User balances have also been moved, and the EOS version of the BET token will be blocked, turning the BET tokens into a "Binance-Chain-First" token. This is because the BEP-2 standard tokens is much more widely accepted on exchanges, software wallets and hardware wallets.


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