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What happened this week on EOSIO | Sept. 30 - Oct. 6

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“What happened this Week on EOSIO” summarises the past 7 days of news sent by EOS Go. This edition’s timeframe goes from the 30th September to the 6th October.

LiquidApps announced DSP2.0


LiquidApps recently revealed DSP2.0, a set of new services and features that will enhance the entire DAPP Network. With these upgrade, DSPs will now be able to offers more packages to developers, in particular LiquidAccounts!


Colin Talks Crypto is launching his new Reward Proxy


Colin Talks Crypto recently announced the launch of his new Reward Proxy, the CTC Reward Proxy: colinrewards. With this proxy, Colin wants to bridge the gap between rewards-giving proxies and value-adding proxies, by selecting value-adding BPs also willing to distribute their rewards.


EOS Network Congestion by DDoS Analysis


This week EOS Go brings you a very special article about one of the most important aspects of the EOS mainnet: the state of network congestion. This article describes EOS congestion from attacker's point of view and provides real examples of what can be done, how much it will cost, what the consequences will be and how exactly it will hurt the UX.


SEC waiver for Block.One, EOS is officially not a security, VOICE is coming?


The SEC recently granted a waiver for Block.One regarding the EOS ERC-20 tokens ICO. With this waiver, it is now certain that EOS is not a security, while Block.One will only need to pay a $24 million fine. Block.One is now definitely ready to bring adoption and innovation in the blockchain space, we can't wait to see VOICE deployed!


Proxy4Nation raises 6M EOS Votes


In just 3 days since its launch, the newest EOS Nation's proxy proxy4nation managed to raise over 6M EOS votes. Indeed proxy4nation was the first western proxy to distribute rewards to its voters, voting at the same time only value-adding BPs...


The pEOS mainnet is launching in October

The pEOS mainnet is launching in October

The pEOS team recently announced their launch on the EOS mainnet, which is scheduled to be released during October. pEOS is the first EOS based token with the Monero protocol implemented in its smart contract, making it the first privacy token on the EOS mainnet.


First-person AR shooter will launch on WORBLI


Tontine Games announced the launch of their first-person Augmented Reality shooter on WORBLI. Tontine Games is basically a survival game where participants will pay into a tontine policy to be part of the match. Whoever survives within the game will finally win the pot that has accumulated among every player, just like a real tontine policy.


Non-Transferable Token (NTTs) on EOS


After having launched Simple Assets, CryptoLions recently added also Non-Transferable Tokens (NTTs) into their digital assets standard. NTTs will be mainly used as give awards and trophies or official certificates and licenses.


You can now buy CSGO Skins on WaxPeer


By using the WAX blockchain technology, WaxPeer recently enabled the exchange, purchase and sale of CSGO skins, considered one of the best First-Person-Shooters (FPS) game ever, and with over 15 million active users per month.


Verisart raised $2.5M in funding round led by Galaxy EOS VC Fund


Galaxy Digital EOS VC Fund recently led funding round for Verisart, a company that certifies art authenticity through blockchain technology. The funds will be used to further expand Verisart's products and services and ultimately enable the company to launch them faster.


Remove Free Surplus Bandwidth to solve Network Congestion


Less than a week ago, we at EOS Go in collaboration with the security engineer Dexaran, published an analysis of some stress tests performed on the EOS mainnet. The analysis showed that with a minimum amount of EOS it is possible for an attacker to send the network in congestion state. Additional resources stress tests led Block.One to consider and propose a solution.


Sentiment Tokens comes on Telos


GoodBlock recently announced Sentiment tokens, a new kind of blockchain feature that allows people to express their opinions about other accounts and dapps. Basically, this introduces directly at the blockchain level, a rating system controlled by users through these tokens.


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