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First-person AR shooter will launch on WORBLI


Tontine Games announced the launch of their first-person Augmented Reality shooter on WORBLI. Tontine Games is basically a survival game where participants will pay into a tontine policy to be part of the match. Whoever survives within the game will finally win the pot that has accumulated among every player, just like a real tontine policy.

Tontines are location-based, players will need to find or buy equipments to survive and launch their assaults. WORBLI will provide the compliance-focused regulatory blockchain architecture to bring true player-owned assets to the gaming ecosystem.

How Tontines Games Work

Each participant pays a sum (policy premium) into Tontines® and then receives a lump sum dividend on the maturity date. If a participant dies, his or her share is reallocated among the surviving participants. This process continues until only one participant survives or the maturity date is reached.

The platform will launch later this year, partnering with San Demas, EOSIO Venture Capital, and Agenix.

Source: https://medium.com/@WORBLI/tontines-games-to-launch-on-worbli-5afb00f9c8e

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