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Is EOS the Palantir of Blockchain?


Celebrity investors involved with EOS and Block.One are one of the most bullish aspects of EOS. Peter Thiel, the creator of Palantir and a well-known Silicon Valley investor, is among them and usually when Thiel invests, it pays off.

The news of Peter Thiel as an investor in Block.One was reiterated with the announcement of Bullish, the upcoming crypto Exchange developed by Block.One and integrated with EOS. Indeed, Peter Thiel was among the investors who led the capital raise for Bullish for about $300 million. In addition Peter Thiel, along with Alan Howard, Richard Li, and Christian Angermayer will serve as senior advisors to the company.

As a result, Thiel's engagement with Block.one is encouraging. This is especially relevant as Palantir went public and PLTR stock was quickly snatched up by traders, making it another large profit for Thiel. Given Palantir's experience in big data, crypto appears to be an obvious next step.

Thiel has also stated that he is a bitcoin bull. Palantir's recent price surge is due in part to rumors that it is planning a significant entry into the crypto industry. It's possible that this will affect EOS as well.

“Bullish’s balance sheet is strong, and its vertical integration offers stability and liquidity to the cryptocurrency space. I’m happy to join Bullish as an investor and advisor as it gets started on a long and fruitful journey,” - Peter Thiel


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