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Voice is hiring for new engineering positions in New York


Voice is looking for 7 new engineering positions in Brooklyn, New York. The positions have been published on HireVibes, a blockchain jobs platform that incentivizes freelance, contract and permanent hiring via cryptocurrencies. To apply simply proceed to the HireVibes page and submit your application.

The positions they are looking for are:

"At Voice, we are on a mission to take social media back from big tech. Voice is the first social media platform that empowers communities to self-govern, champions realness and respects user data."

Voice recently announced $150 Million funding from Block.One to kickstart its independent operation. Being accepted in one of these roles could be a great opportunity to be part of a thriving, well-funded startup with big ambitions.

In addition, successful HireVibes applicants will receive a free donation of 1% of their annual salary. If you think you qualify for the job, don't forget to apply!


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