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LiquidApps announced DSP2.0


LiquidApps recently revealed DSP2.0, a set of new services and features that will enhance the entire DAPP Network. With these upgrade, DSPs will now be able to offers more packages to developers, in particular LiquidAccounts!

Within the set of services of DSP2.0, we can find:

  • LiquidAccounts: free account creation for dApps
  • LiquidScheduler: task scheduler and automation
  • LiquidOracle: decentralized web oracle

Along with these, a great deal of new features have been added, including:

  • Multi-DSP support
  • Zeus-SDK compatible with the latest version of eosjs
  • Lightweight verifications
  • More documentation

"The DAPP Network is becoming more flexible and more powerful, and developers can build custom services and Zeus SDK extensions to add additional capabilities."

Source: https://medium.com/the-liquidapps-blog/dapp-network-dsp-2-release-scalability-for-dapps-eos-ethereum-f666add63e4e

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