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What happened this week on EOSIO | Feb. 10 - Feb. 16


“What happened this Week on EOSIO” summarises the past 7 days of news sent by EOS Go. This edition’s timeframe goes from the 10th February to the 16th of February.

Dan Larimer: How EOSIO will become the future database standard


Ever since his speech during the Government Blockchain Association, Dan Larimer kept on expressing his desire to make EOSIO the new database standard of the future. But why should a blockchain be used instead of a normal database? And how can EOSIO achieve this?


EOSIO reaches a new transaction per second record: 9,656


During the last week a stress test was carried out on Jungle: an EOSIO testnet that has been active since before the launch of the EOS mainnet. In this last stress test a new record was confirmed regarding the number of transactions per second made in the chain, reaching 9,565 transactions!


Reputation & Identity Layer latest updates


After a long period of testing of RIDL (Reputation & Identity Layer), the team of Scatter decided to make some important updates to its service.


VOICE Beta limited to the USA

voice america hero 2-1920x800

The voice team has announced that the beta coming on February 14 will be limited only to the United States. According to the team, the choice is mainly due to two reasons.


Voice: Beyond the Hype


With the beta launch of Voice just around the corner these sure are some exciting times, especially if you feel like you live in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately for many of us, we may not...


Voice Beta started! What do we know until now?


Exactly on Valentine's Day 2020, Block.One finally launched the beta version of Voice, the decentralized media network. What's new in Voice? And what do we know so far?


EOSLocally WAX trading giveaway: Win up to $500 US in WAX!

ad eoslocally social

To celebrate the release of WAX on EOSLocally, a special promotion is being held where any user can win WAX on the platform. WAX is now available on EOSLocally and in celebration of this important expansion they have decided to host a giveaway where users can win up to $500 USD in WAX!


More about Voice, directly from Dan and Brendan


It's already been 3 days since the launch of the Voice beta, videos and screenshots of the platform have started to be shown in the community. Meanwhile on twitter both Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer have answered some doubts about Voice.


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