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eosfinex Now Accessible From Mobile Wallets


eosfinex has also made its decentralized trading platform accessible to some mobile wallets, thus it is now available for any user on EOS through Anchor and Wombat wallets.

By logging into trading.eosfinex.com users can connect their EOS account directly from any smartphone with Anchor Wallet or Wombat wallet. This makes access to all Bitfinex liquidity effortlessly also on mobile.

As already announced on EOS Go, eosfinex is in fact the decentralized exchange developed by Bitfinex, which allows you to trade using Bitfinex systems, while maintaining full custody and control of assets at all times.

To learn more about eosfinex and why liquidity is fundamental within an ecosystem, we recommend you to read: The Viability of a Blockchain: When Liquidity Strikes Back


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