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WORBLI announced their core Block Producers

WORBLI announced their core Block Producers

The WORBLI Foundation announced their core Block Producers that will drive forward the WORBLI network through the decentralization process and long into the future.

This selection of block producers was a fundamental step to continue with the decentralisation of the network, which will be governed by these Block Producers and the community. The selection was based on several criteria, in particular their expertise, infrastructure, compliance, prior dedication to WORBLI, and values.

"We’re very excited about what the future holds for WORBLI with the entities above, who are some of the best Block Producers out there. Maintaining a compliant network dedicated to an inclusive and fair future with blockchain technology isn’t easy, but we’re confident our Block Producers are up to the challenge."

Source: https://medium.com/@WORBLI/the-core-block-producers-who-will-govern-the-worbli-decentralized-network-are-announced-e23e87c1c167

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