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Eden Guide: Getting Started

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You’ve learned the processes and systems that run the Eden on EOS DAO. You’re impressed by Eden’s ability to make a positive impact in the world, or at least in your society. Perhaps now would be the time to become one of the organization’s members.

To get started as a member, the following are the steps you’ll need to take.

How to Join Eden on EOS?

Join with an invite

To join Eden on EOS, you need to be invited by an existing member. If you know someone who is already a member, they can vouch for you and invite you.

Once you have an invitation, you need to read Eden on EOS’ bylaws, then coordinate with three other individual members of Eden to create your induction video, and finally donate 3 EOS (tokens) to the Eden on EOS community in order to become a member.

If you don’t know an existing member in Eden, and would like to get an invite, then you can check out the process below.

Join without an invite

If you don’t know an existing Eden on EOS member, then you’ll need to introduce yourself to the Eden community and one of the existing members will send you an invite.

First you’ll need to start your own thread in the ‘introduction forum’ to introduce yourself to the Eden community:

● Tell existing members how you found out about eden.

● Tell them what it is about the Eden community’s vision, values, or ideas that attracted you.

● Explain why you want to become a member.

● Discuss in what way(s) you see yourself contributing to the community.

● Explain how you would spend a budget if you were provided with one by becoming an elected Eden representative.

● Provide your Telegram username so that Eden members can contact you to learn more about you and your campaign(s), if any.

Increasing your likelihood of getting an invite

Eden is an invite-only community, intended to grow based on the trust of personal relationships. Which is why the invitation process is strictly member-initiated. Eden considers building a high-trust community to be by far the main focus, over its growth.

However, since Eden is looking for people who are committed to supporting its governance process, there are a couple of easy ways for you to increase the likelihood of receiving an invite.

The best way to do that would be to contribute to Eden, even before you’re a member. That way you can refer to your contributions to the organization in your bid to become a member.

Check out the opportunities page to see how you could help, or perhaps suggest another way in which you think you could help.

Membership process

To become a member of the Eden on EOS community invitees need to be familiar with the Eden election process and be committed to support it, as well as the independence of the community and its members.

Once you have received an invite, you'll be directed to the Member Portal, which will elegantly lead you through the process. The membership process entails the following:

● Filling out your profile

● Participating in an Induction Meeting with the person who invited you, as well as two other community members as witnesses.

● Your Inviter will then have to log the occurrence of the Induction Meeting in EdenOS, and the Witnesses will have to officially endorse you on-chain.

● Lastly, as a new inductee you'll have to donate 3 EOS to the Eden on EOS community.

● The Member Portal will show you your status at each stage in the process.

Welcome to Eden on EOS!

As a member of the Eden on EOS community and a participant in Eden elections, you now have the power to make a positive change in the world according to your own vision and capabilities. You can now run your own campaign(s) and receive an allocation of resources to help further your campaign goals.

You also have the responsibilities of proposing and/or voting on proposals, allocating resources, and managing Eden on EOS’ day-to-day operations. As per your commitment to the Eden on EOS DAO, as well as the independence of its community and members.

Eden How-it-Works RS 2021-05

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