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Block.One Launches Bullish Global, Bullish.com coming in 2021


Block.One announced the launch of its new subsidiary Bullish Global that will independently oversee the release of Bullish.com, the new DeFi (or ProFi?) focused cryptocurrency exchange, scheduled for 2021.

Bullish Global has been allocated all 164,000 BTC of Block.One, currently worth over $9 billion. To these were added $100 million and 20 million EOS from Block.One, plus $300 million from strategic investment rounds, for a total of $10 billion capitalized.

Investors included:

  • Peter Thiel's Thiel Capital and Founders Fund
  • Alan Howard
  • Louis Bacon
  • Richard Li
  • Christian Angermayer
  • Galaxy Digital
  • Global investment bank Nomura

"Bullish's balance sheet is strong, and its vertical integration offers stability and liquidity to the cryptocurrency space. I'm happy to join Bullish as an investor and advisor as it gets started on a long and fruitful journey," - Peter Thiel

During the weeks the Bullish.com website went live, showing a simple homepage: "Go Goldly. Go Bullish" and the official Bullish logo.


The announcement confirms once again how Bullish will leverage EOSIO and the EOS mainnet to produce a cryptographically validated, provable, and immutable audit trail of all transactions processed on the Bullish platform. This will make it possible for anyone to verify on-chain the integrity of the exchange.


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