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Europechain launches a COVID-19 monitoring app based on EOSIO


Europechain announced the integration of a monitoring service for COVID-19 into their FACT application. Europechain is a consortium of blockchain experts using the EOSIO protocol within their public blockchain. What will their COVID-19 tracker be useful for?

Their FACT application is already being used by organisations to increase visibility and ensure compliance & accountability. Through the COVID-19 tracker, governments and healthcare professionals will be able to monitor virus trends and try to increase the efficiency of medical resources.

Through FACT it is possible to create templates to share with the people indicated, which could be the employees of an organization, for track potential outbreaks. All the data collected will be safe within their EOSIO chain, ensuring a high level of security and privacy.

"Our App creates a way for things like immunity certificates or official antigen reports to be stored and updated on your smartphone rather than a piece of paper that could get lost or possibly destroyed. We wanted to help make the solutions to this global crisis as simple and secure as possible, this is why we chose the FACT App."



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