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Cryptology Asset Group Purchases Additionnal $49M Block.One Shares


Cryptology Asset Group announced the purchase of an additional $49 million of Block.One stock. Cryptology already held 3.5 percent of Block.One, and now holds approximately 4.9 percent.

The additional purchase is likely due to the upcoming arrival of Bullish, the new cryptocurrency exchange to be launched in 2021 and a subsidiary of Block.One. In addition, to Block.One's 4.9% holding, Cryptology Asset Group manages a further 1.7% on behalf of third parties, while at the same time it owns 16.07% of Northern Data, the high-performance computing solutions company dedicated to hosting bitcoin mining, which in 2020 partnered with Block.One.

"Block.one is one of the most powerful, driving forces of the crypto revolution and its CEO, Brendan Blumer, is one of crypto’s leading visionaries. The caliber of investors Brendan has been able to bring together for Bullish Global is astounding and a testament to his gravitas. I am Bullish on the future of Block.one." - Christian Angermayer, Cryptology Founding Investor

Cryptology Asset Group is one of Europe's leading investment companies for crypto assets and blockchain. Founded by Christian Angermayer and Mike Novogratz, it is the largest publicly traded holding company for blockchain in Europe, traded on many German exchanges, including Börse Düsseldorf, Gettex and Tradegate.

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