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Bullish is a Crypto Exchange? IPO in mid-2021?


According to a deck from Cryptology Asset Group, Block.One's new venture named Bullish will be a crypto exchange with intentions to IPO in mid-2021 via SPAC.

A SPAC is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company, which is a particular type of venture company designed to raise capital through an IPO and with the objective of investing in one or more existing operating companies ("target" companies).

Cryptology is an asset group owning approximately 3.5% of Block.One and managing a further 1.7% on behalf of third parties. At the same time it owns 16.07% of Northern Data, the high-performance computing solutions company dedicated to hosting bitcoin mining, which in 2020 partnered with Block.One.

Indeed, Cryptology is deeply connected within Block.One's operations and they certainly have a lot more insights than have been released publicly.

For this reason we can say that the information shared in the Cryptology deck (you can find it on our EOS Go TURBO Telegram channel) is reliable.

Bullish: A soon to be announced crypto exchange founded by Block.one with intentions to IPO in mid-2021 via SPAC

Thus by mid-2021 we should expect new official information from Block.One regarding Bullish. Could this be the Decentralized Crypto Exchange based on EOSIO and ProFi that we expect?


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