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LiquidX released, what benefits can it bring to EOS?


The LiquidApps team has released LiquidX, a new service that will allow any EOSIO and non-EOSIO chains to use the DAPP Network. Could this expansion bring further benefits to the EOS mainnet?

"LiquidX makes the DAPP Network available for every EOSIO chain, and potentially non-EOSIO chains beyond.

As explained in their article, the real strength of EOSIO chains is that they can be optimized not only vertically, for example by improving transaction efficiency, but also horizontally through the interoperability of new chains. The LiquidApps team has been constantly working with this goal in mind for over a year now, to make EOSIO chains (and not only those) more and more scalable and collaborative.

LiquidX is the service that will allow EOSIO chains to communicate with each other in a decentralized way through the DAPP Network. Any EOSIO chain can implement the DAPP Network through a system contract under the multisig control of the Block Producers and interact with other chains through the DAPP layer.

The expansion of the DAPP Network can only have positive results for the EOS mainnet. Apparently, the staking of DAPP tokens will remain in the EOS mainnet, where the settlement and service provisioning of the DAPP Network take place. Furthermore, it is assumed that the new chains are intended to be interoperability with the mainnet, thus increasing the potential number of users for a better user experience.

Even choice of blockchain is now decentralized.


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