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Brendan Blumer discusses concerns about the first Block Producers voted by Block.One


Colin Talks Crypto, Youtuber and EOS Community member, after seeing the first block producers voted by Block.One was puzzled and raised concerns about why they voted also for exchanges. Brendan Blumer then clarified what was going on.

Indeed according to a previous conversation between the two, it seemed that Brendan Blumer stated that Block.one would not vote Exchanges if they didn't have tools that allowed their customers to choose who to vote for. In such a way that the EOS stake of the exchanges becomes much more similar to that of a proxy voter.

Brendan Blumer therefore immediately clarified that the voting criteria will be better defined gradually, along with the increase of the number of EOS that Block.One will use to vote. Currently there are only 3 voting criteria:

  • The location of the node need to be publicly disclosed through the BP JSON document
  • Run a publicly queryable API or P2P node independently
  • API or P2P node running EOSIO updated to v2.0 or later

All the first 10 Block Producers currently voted all respect them. However, we should soon expect an update of the voting criteria that will make them more stringent, especially for exchanges.

"We’ve outlined the criteria for this round of an initial rotating vote where we are highlighting 50+ BP’s which have contributed to the #EOS ecosystem. More criteria will emerge as we narrow the number of parties we vote for and increase the amount of tokens we vote with.

Part of this process is just establishing contact with many of these parties for the first time, so that we can begin dialogue on future criteria.

My stance on exchange voting has not changed, but I’m very supportive of the process that the PBE team is deploying." - Brendan Blumer


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