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Eden Guide: What is Eden on EOS?


Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of what a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is, and the basic rules of how it operates, we shift our focus to Eden on EOS, a DAO built on the EOS blockchain.

What is Eden on EOS?

Eden on EOS is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to create a more transparent and efficient way of organizing communities. The DAO follows the principles laid out in Daniel Larimer's book "More Equal Animals," which advocates for a more decentralized and democratic society.

The Eden on EOS community is made up of individuals from various backgrounds, such as developers, investors, traders, and enthusiasts, who are interested in contributing to the EOS ecosystem. The community uses the EdenOS system to collaborate and make decisions in a decentralized manner.

The governance process on Eden on EOS is based on the invite-based consensus model, which means that new members can only join through invitation by existing members. This ensures that the community remains diverse and decentralized, and that decisions are made by a representative group of individuals.

What is EdenOS?

Well, in a nutshell Eden is a revolutionary process by which a community or group of people can come together and reach consensus on selecting leaders or representatives.” - Chris Barnes (Satoshi/winner of the first ever Eden on EOS trial election)

EdenOS is a new and revolutionary democratic process that helps to protect and enhance the independence and power of those who join a DAO such as Eden on EOS. It aims to create a fair and transparent governance model for decentralized autonomous organizations, allowing all members of a DAO to have an equal say in decision-making.

The EdenOS process gives members of an organization, such as the Eden on EOS DAO, the ability to propose and vote on proposals, allocate resources, and manage the organization's operations. The platform also allows for the creation of sub-groups within the community, which can have their own governance structure and decision-making processes. For instance, there’s an Eden on EOS for Chinese natives.

Also, communities from other blockchains ecosystems can also form their own decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) based on Eden. It is possible for a blockchain community to create an Eden on Ethereum, or an Eden on Solana. Eden on EOS is just one instance of EdenOS’ process implemented by the EOS community.

In simpler terms, EdenOS can be described as a powerful tool for creating and managing decentralized communities, where all members have an equal say in shaping the future of their organizations. A tool that empowers a new generation of organizations, community builders, and influencers to reshape how groups, teams, and movements select leaders and representatives in a democratic process free of corruption and capture.

Why join Eden on EOS?

When you join the Eden community, you gain access to a group of people working together to empower you and your family to make a bigger impact in the world. You get to meet with like-minded people from in and around the EOS blockchain community, which means you’re provided with many opportunities to discuss, debate, and vote on ideas that could have an impact on the EOS ecosystem as a whole.

As a community-driven organization, Eden on EOS enables you to connect with other members of the Eden and EOS communities. This can help to expand your personal and professional networks. Also by participating in discussions and debates, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the direction of the EOS network and its many different use cases and benefits.

Additionally, Eden on EOS provides a decentralized platform for builders and projects to obtain funding to put towards their initiatives. This can be especially beneficial for those who are working on projects that are building on the EOS blockchain or advocating for such projects to get funding.

So, all in all, Eden on EOS provides a powerful tool for creating change in your community because it provides a decentralized decision-making process where individuals can come together and reach consensus on selecting leaders or representatives.

By participating in this process, members can have a direct say in how community funds are allocated and spent, which can have a significant impact on the initiatives and projects that receive support. This can enable individuals to create change in their community by advocating for projects that align with their values and priorities.

How to Join Eden on EOS?

To join Eden on EOS, you need to be invited by an existing member. If you know someone who is already a member, they can vouch for you and invite you.

Once you have an invitation, you need to read Eden on EOS’ bylaws, then coordinate with three other individual members of Eden to create your induction video, and finally donate 10 EOS (tokens) to the Eden DAO in order to become a member.

If you don’t know an existing member in Eden, and would like to get an invite, then you can check out the process for that here: Getting an Invite

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