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Voice's NFT Standard Explained: Simple Assets Plus


The Voice team has introduced its own NFT standard to integrate new powerful market capabilities into all digital assets released on its platform. The standard is called Simple Asset Plus (SA+) and is already live on the Voice beta version.

Simple Asset Plus (SA+) was developed from the first NFT standard on EOSIO, created by the CryptoLions team: Simple Assets. The Voice team along with CryptoLions have collaborated to strengthen Simple Assets in order to make it more robust and with new functionality, thus creating Simple Asset Plus.

Simple Asset Plus includes not only the NFT structure, but also the Simple Market. As for the NFT structure, it is able to enable features such as:

  • Multiple co-creators
  • Limited edition versions of the same media file
  • Collections
  • Containerized NFTs
  • Lending and borrowing NFTs
  • Airdropping NFTs
  • Custom IP ownership and proceeds
  • Multiple media content
  • NFT data categories updatable
  • Innovative RAM management

The Simple Market instead allows to exchange the ownership of NFTs, so that it is easy to list and sell NFTs guaranteeing the distribution of the proceeds.

At the moment, the beta version of Voice is already available at voice.com/signup


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