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Block.One New Voting Proxy with 85 Million EOS


Block.One created a new EOS proxy account with 85 Million EOS staked. It looks like they are getting ready to vote with all their 100M EOS stake, with what has become the biggest proxy stake ever.

As an EOS token holder, we are working to ensure maximum network security and constructive participation among network participants".

Indeed, the first votes made with the 10 Million EOS staked via sub1.b1 were necessary to better understand which initial criteria to use to choose the block producers to vote.

As Brendan Blumer had already specified, "voting criteria will be better defined gradually, along with the increase of the number of EOS".

Apparently the Block.One community team has been able to better define additional criteria, and they feel almost ready to use all 100M of EOS to vote.

At the moment we can only wait and see which will be the first Block Producers voted with these 85M of EOS, and what effect they will have on the current ranking.



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