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Block.one prepares for extensive marketing and EOS WPS


Brendan Blumer recently commented on the announcement of the EOS inclusion in China's National Blockchain Platform, and the WPS that will perhaps be launched on the EOS mainnet, revealing important news about the upcoming marketing of Block.One and the WPS on EOS.

Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.One, unveiled how Block.One is preparing to make the marketing of EOSIO (and other B1 products?) over the next 24 months much more effective than the past 24 months. He also added that the current COVID-19 pandemic is not negatively impacting their productivity, but rather is revealing new proficiencies that they will maintain even when this situation is overcome. In short, their product timelines are on schedule, and we know from a previous interview by Dan Larimer, that Block.One will announce a new product this year. We can't wait!

There are also relevant news regarding Block.One's involvement in the new EOS WPS which will probably be launched on the EOS mainnet. According to Brendan, Block.One's new Public Blockchain Engagement (PBE) program is actively working to assess how the WPS can leverage a democratized consensus. In particular, they are focusing on a 1 human 1 vote system subject to an election of token holders. Unfortunately we have no further information on its possible functioning, but in any case it seems a very interesting concept.

EOSIO Marketing

"Marketing spent in the next 24 months will be far more effective than marketing in the last 24 months. No blockchain is ready to for what #EOSIO is preparing for." - Tweet


"It (COVID-19) is definitely impacting us in terms of our annual event timing, but it’s also revealing new proficiencies which we’ll retain post-pandemic. Productivity has not been negatively affected, and product timelines are on schedule." - Tweet


"An #EOS WPS can be powerful and practical when leveraging democratized consensus to identify opportunity and cement accountability. Without involving the public, value is lost. B1 PBE is actively working on these concepts and looks forward to collaborating with the community." - Tweet


"We’re looking more closely at 1 human, 1 vote... but it will always be subject to being elected by the token holders. There is nothing more powerful than plutocratic election of democracy." Tweet

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