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Worker Prososal System on EOS, first step completed


Even with some doubts of Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.One, the EOS mainnet seems to be determined to continue with the launch of the WPS. Today the first of four MultiSigs needed to implement the Worker Proposal System on EOS was executed.

34 approvals represents the strongest consensus reached on any EOS Mainnet proposal. 19 of the top 21 block producers approved along with a strong showing of support from standby block producers, obtaining 15 approvals from this cohort." - EOS Nation

Last week Brendan Blumer raised some doubts mainly about possible cases of corruption that a WPS could bring among the Block Producers evaluating the projects and the projects themselves that would receive the funds. As there is no entirely objective way to evaluate the projects that would receive the funds.

In any case, most of the block producers seem to agree to proceed, and this first MSIG has even reached the approval of 34 BPs. Therefore, the system account to manage the WPS smart contract has been created: eosio.wps

With the next MSIG, if at least 15 active BPs will approved it, 50,000 EOS will be transferred from eosio.names to eosio.wps.

If you want to better understand how the WPS works, browse on: A new proposal for a Worker Proposal System on EOS


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