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Dan Larimer latest interview: Block.One will announce new products this year


Dan Larimer recently gave an interview on U.Today in which he shares the latest updates of Block.One about Voice and the upcoming EOSIO plans. Apparently there will be new products from Block.One this year yet to be announced?

Below is a summary of the most important points of the interview.

EOSIO updates continue non-stop

New updates nearly ready:

  • expanding the database capacity by introducing RocksDB
  • blockchain data easier to query
  • other innovations around WASM-QL
  • APIs for developers easier to use (dfuse?)

"So we're really trying to make the blockchain more accessible, the data more accessible, the tools easier for developers to use, because we've already solved the scaling of the process and the transactional processing, with 5,000 to 10,000 transactions per second."

About Voice

  • Voice is currently in beta with a lot of engagement from the current users
  • Voice is building an attention economy to further foster engagement
  • The current incentives system is working tremendously well

Will there be other projects from Block.One?

"I would absolutely love to give you a hint, but we have to keep some of our surprises behind the curtain for now. I can tell you that there will new products from Block.one in new industries this year."

What new products do you think Dan is referring to in this statement? Could he be talking about the decentralized exchange that was in Block.One's plans? Should we expect a B1June this year (COVID-19 permitting)?


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