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Block.One EOS Token Sale Audit Released


Block.One has finally released the audit regarding the EOS token sale conducted between 2017 and 2018. The audit was one of the most criticized points about EOS and Block.One, but the review found no evidence that B1 purchased tokens by any means.

The audit was conducted by Clifford Chance LLP supported by PwC Hong Kong and DMG Blockchain Solutions and was completed in July 2021. The report is publicly available on the eos.io website for anyone wishing to confirm the evidence found:

"The review was completed in July 2021 and found no evidence that Block.one either intentionally purchased tokens by any means during the token sale or entered into any arrangements with third parties to do so on their behalf." The analysis was performed on the basis of several internal Block.One documents ("over 150 separate requests for documents, information or confirmations") as well as data extracted from the blockchain. The following were collected:

  • Approximately 800MB of structured and unstructured data, including: (1) bank and securities account statements; (2) contracts and corporate documents; (3) activity statements sent by OTC brokers; (4) activity records extracted by Block.one from exchanges
  • Oltre 7.3 million rows of transaction data for Block.one's Ethereum wallets (including the Smart Contract Wallet and Token Address Wallet) provided by DMG;
  • Approximately 85,000 rows of data that we extracted from Etherscan;
  • Over 2,000 rows of transaction data relating to Block.one's transactions in Bitcoin (BTC) and BTC fork currencies;
  • information relating to Byteball and NEO wallet transactions;
  • over 100 online articles, forum posts or comments and other publicly available online sources (in English and other languages), in order to identify material relevant to the Review;

This audit should by now confirm Block.One's vision, whose goal is to become a bridge between the regulatory world and the crypto world. This is now clear from the SEC waiver of 2019, according to which EOS is not a security, and the more recent launch of Bullish as a public crypto company. With this we can confirm how Block.One has operated transparently since its early days, and EOS's outstanding performance during the token sale was organic.


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