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What happened this week on EOSIO | August 31 - September 6


“What happened this Week on EOSIO” summarises the past 7 days of news sent by EOS Go. This edition’s timeframe goes from the 31th August to the 6th of September.

Callisto Network Announces the launch of the Smart-Contract Migration Service, from Ethereum to EOS


Callisto Network has announced its smart contract migration service that will allow developers to move their dApps from Ethereum to EOS, with a strong focus on DeFi dApps.


15 Days of Activity on Voice, How is It Going?


Since the launch of Voice through referrals, the EOS Go team has been busy collecting some data on the brand new decentralized social media. After a very engaging start, the platform seems to be finding its balance in terms of activity.


EOS DeFi to the Moon, DeFiBox is the King


DeFiBox, the EOS DeFi project backed and launched by Newdex, has been gaining momentum among DeFi projects on EOS since its launch. At the moment only DeFiBox has a locked value of $34M, which is more than 50% of the total locked value on EOS.


EOSX New Update

banner-eosx 791c49ec1e03509b47a98c9e7edaea54

"WAX Cloud Wallet and Prediction UI EOSX now offers native support for the WAX Cloud Wallet! You’ll also notice that we’ve updated the site and introduced an UI for the account prediction feature."


Block.one Invites EOS Community to Test Proposed Resource Model

EOSIO- -EOS-Resource-Model- -Extra-size-min

After publishing its proposal for a new resource model on EOS, Block.One is inviting the community to test the solution directly by offering bounties of up to $20,000

"We believe that if this solution is adopted it would increase access to resources across all users of the EOS blockchain."


Blockchain Heroes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Blockchain Heroes recently launched onto the WAX.io scene on August 8th, 2020 with a stir as one of the newest and most anticipated collectibles and NFT’s in the space. The launch consisted of both pre-sale and sale events across 3 platforms whereby those with the ambition to purchase packs with WAX could participate.


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