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Callisto Network Announces the launch of the Smart-Contract Migration Service, from Ethereum to EOS


Today we are pleased to announce that the Callisto Network team will provide services for DAPP transition from Ethereum to EOS.

The goal of Callisto Network is to establish a market for DAPP transition services. We allow DAPP owners to publish their requests for assistance with porting their DAPP to EOS. At the same time we allow third party developers to accept the DAPP migration tasks, provide the solution and get paid once the task is completed. Callisto Team will guide and govern the process. At the same time Callisto Network provides security auditing services.

If third party developers would not accept the DAPP transition request then Callisto team developers will port the DAPP. We adhere to the policy of transparency and therefore the workflow is handled through Github.

For more information visit DAPP transition repo.

Requesting a DAPP transition

If you are an owner of a DAPP and you are willing to port your application from Ethereum to EOS then you can request the service at Callisto Network. There are multiple ways to do so:

  • Submit an issue at our Github repo here

  • Fill in the form at our website https://callisto.network/smart-contract-migration/

  • Contact dexaran@callisto.network

  • Submit a tweet with #CLOne_me_to_eos and $CLO hashtags

In any case, a github issue will be created to reflect the process of handling the request. Make sure to provide the description of the DAPP, the contract source codes and the contact email. It is worth noting that Callisto Network only works with smart contracts.

If third party developers would not accept the DAPP transition request then Callisto team developers will port the DAPP.

Accepting DAPP transition requests as a third party developer

If you are not a member of Callisto team but you are competent enough to re-implement an Ethereum smart-contract in C++ and make it working on EOS mainnet then you can also participate in our open platform. Any third party developer can review issues of the DAPP transition repo and pick an issue that is labeled as "approved".

Third party developer must express his willingness to work on the approved request and provide an approximate estimation of time that he is planning to spend on this request in the comment thread of the corresponding issue. After that Callisto team member will assign one developer to the task. Once the task is completed Callisto team will forward the payment to the assigned developer (withholding a specified platform fee).

DeFi to EOS

Recently Daniel Larimer commented that "Nothing on #eth roadmap comes close to enabling apps that #EOS can support today". EOS is not an ideal platform for decentralized application development but it has a number of decisive advantages over competitors.

DeFi is a new buzzword in crypto industry. Most of so-called DeFi on Ethereum are just ERC20 tokens under the hood. As the result they are completely abstracted from the underlying platform and can be issued anywhere else.

DeFi developer must understand the following things about the development platforms that could be used:

  • ERC20 tokens are insecure. ERC20 token standard lacks event handling/error handling mechanisms. As the result there are a lot of unhandled token transfers that resulted in millions of dollars worth of tokens being "stuck" inside contracts that were unable to detect incoming transfers.

  • Ethereum is getting DDOSed by any usable DAPP. Scalability is a bottleneck of Ethereum because even a single DAPP can make gas prices skyrocket and effectively slow down the whole ecosystem of Ethereum. Cryptokitties did it in 2017. So Uniswap did as well.

  • Sending into a non-existing address is a problem on Ethereum. Crosschain collisions of addresses are another type of problems with Ethereum addresses as well.

EOS has this problems sorted out. EOS tokens have built-in communication model unlike ERC20. EOS has orders of magnitude better performance. It is not possible to lose all your funds because of a human mistake of sending to a non-existing address.

For Decentralized Finances it may be crucial to prevent any possible human mistakes. Financial institutions typically handle hundreds of human mistakes every day - something Ethereum fails to do properly. That may be the most important reason to switch to a safer platform.

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