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Voice to open on July 4 worldwide, only for readers...


Yesterday it was erroneously assumed that on July 4th Voice would open the open beta worldwide both to sign up and to read posts. Today the CEO of Voice Salah Zalatimo, in a thread on Twitter, confirmed the opening of Voice to everyone, but only to read the posts, at least until August 15.

Indeed, from August 15th users already subscribed to Voice will be able to invite their friends, but we still don't know much about further limitations on the number of invitations or the geolocation of the invited users.

In any case, we'll wait for Voice's opening on July 4th to enjoy a little taste of this new social network. From recent insights, such as the search for new engineering positions, or even this specific announcement of the opening of the open beta, there are clear signs that the Voice team is starting to move forward. We can only wait and see if more details will be revealed.

"We pivoted, and decided to open up our platform for readers on July 4. Only registered user will be able publish or engage. Registration will remain by request until August 15, when users can begin to invite heir friends." - Salah Zalatimo


By replying on Twitter, Salah cleared up some doubts from the community:

  • Voice will not be released on the EOS mainnet (yet)
  • It will be open to read to anyone in the world
  • Registrations are open worldwide by invitation only, until August 15, when a refer-a-friend system will start


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